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Crime Meeting cancelled while we await availability of Police

Crime Meeting cancelled while we await availability of Police

The East Ilford Betterment Partnership crime meeting to be held on Friday 9th February has been cancelled while we await a date that is suitable for local police to attend.

In the meanwhile, I would like to advise you that Redbridge Council has agreed a budget of £1.5m to improve boroughwide security measures due to the huge increase in crime over the last two years.  Measures to be implemented include an expansion of CCTV provision and improved lighting.  You can read more in the Ilford Recorder (click here).

The securing of South Park and dredging of the pond within was simply part of an investigation into a missing man. The Yellow Advertiser wrote about this (click here)

Later the same day the main search moved to the grounds of St Mary's church including the cemetery - after artefacts belonging to the missing man were found there (click here)

Later that evening my friend Ryan and I who were watching the forensic team in the rear of the graveyard, by standing on the external stairwell of flats nearby were shocked when we saw the uncovering of the dead body.  We have some unclear footage of this.  The Ilford recorder the next morning confirmed the finding of the dead body and an arrest.  They explained that the body showed visible signs of  extensive violence to the head region of the corpse.  A murder investigation continues (click here).

We will keep you posted on any developments and the date for the proposed crime meeting.