East Ilford Betterment Partnership

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Deep clean for East Ilford

Deep clean for East Ilford
Local Imam Sheikh Khalid and Redbridge Cleansing Officer Dave Tarling at pre-briefing of the EIBP third Capital Clean-up.

EIBP, Albayan Centre and the British Pakistani Christian Association gave East Ilford area a deep clean on Sunday 12th October 2014.  Recognising the huge amount of cost to the council and ultimately all local tax-payers for cleaning our local streets, members of the local community joined forces to remove litter and weeds from public roads,  in order to revive the area.

Joined by Redbridge Amey this third project led by the EIBP focused on the areas of Connaught Mews, the Prince of Wales Pub, Pelham Road, Melford Road, Buckinghamshire Road, Connaught Road, Stanley Road, and St Mary's Road.  

The project began after the EIBP secured some free equipment from the Mayor of London through the "Capital Clean-up" project.  The group then partnered with Redbridge Amey, Eden Christian Centre, Albayan Wefare Centre and British Pakistani Christian Association to build the level of volunteers for a grander project.  Moreover, the diversity of local faiths provideed an opportunity to build community cohesion and a sense of togetherness.

Unfortunately the first date for the project which had been agreed with all groups prior to Ramadan clashed with Eid.  It was therefore agreed to hold two separate clean-up events one which was previously on Saturday 4th October (click here), and this one.  Plans are afoot for a joint operation in April and a further joint clean-up in August 2015.

Wilson Chowdhry Event Co-ordinater of the EIBP, said;  

"Our local clean-up was a great opportunity for local people to get together and enjoy some therapeutic exercise that provided huge community dividend. Moreover the sacrifice of time and energy of so many volunteers ensured new friendships were made and a sense of community was fostered."

Habiba Ahmed of Redbridge Amey, said; 

"Not only do littered streets damage business and tourism opportunities but it also costs Redbridge Borough taxpayers £4.2million a year to clean them. We want to encourage as many volunteers as possible to come and take part in our litter Clean-up.  It will show others that we take pride in the environment in which we live, work and play.

Imam Sheikh Khalid of the Albayan Welfare Centre, said; 

"We need more projects like this that bring communities together.  It is everyone's duty to be responsible for their environment and social interactions."

Weeds and rubbish in Connaught Mews Alleyway

Unsightly weeds in Alleyway.

Weeds and litter in local pub car park

Strange pillars dumped in alleyway

Lots of waste dumped between building causing growth of pests and nest of rats.

Unsightly weeds and litter in alleyway.

More weeds

Volunteers from Albayan Welfare Centre took to the streets with members of the British Pakistani Christian Association and East Ilford Betterment Partnership.

A thorough clean of local roads ensued.

Old and young volunteers joined the Clean-up Operation

Ply wood boards were provided for litter collection.

An information room was set up for training and distribution of equipment.

Green bags for recycling, orange bags for waste.

Spaces within vehicles were cleared and swept of litter.

Dave Tarling of Redbridge General Cleansing joined us.

Diligent workers cleared every scrap of litter.

Recyclable and general waste were separated.

Large front garden areas were cleared

Every effort was put into clearing litter.

Connaught Mews alleyway was swept clear and weeded.

Volunteers shared a moment to savour their achievement.

Smiles all around displayed great camaraderie.

The collection of waste and fly-tip that was left on  Prince of Wales car park forecourt for general waste team collection Monday morning.

Habiba Ahmed of Redbridge Amey, Imam Sheikh Khalid, Wilson Chowdhry and Dave Tarling.

The formerly clogged gap between these properties was emptied as far as possible.

Weed and litter removal improved alleway.

New plaster was found in Connaught Lane alleyway and will be removed by Redbridge Council.

The rest of the alleyway was made clean.