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Mammoth Steppes Festival a huge success!

Mammoth Steppes Festival a huge success!

Terry Quirke from the Ilford Mammoth project with the Ice-bucket challengers who raised money for a replica mammoth skull installation in Ilford.

Please donate to our appeal towards the installation of a replica Ilford Mammoth skull in Ilford Town Centre  (Click Here)

Residents of ilford were treated to a science fair with a difference over the weekend of 27th - 28th September 2014.  The event termed "Mammoth Steppes Festival" (a twist on the name coined for Mammoths from ilford - Steppe Mamamoths) was an opportunity for Natural and Earth science groups across the country to highlight the special  palaeontological importance of Ilford, which was once a savannah with mammoths roaming free.    

The date of the event coincided with 150th Anniversary of the the initial reports written by discoverer of a large proportion of the prehistoric mammoth remains of Ilford - Sir Antonio Brady in 1864.

The event was a huge success and has been labelled as one of the largest events in Ilford Town Centre since it has become pedestrianised.  Attractions included; active fun play areas such as a Bouncy Castle and a bungee trampoline, Local history jigsaw provided by Fairlop Heritage Society, Mammoth mask making with Redbridge Museum, Hairy Mammoth making workshop with Terry Quirke of the Ilford Mammoth project, see and feel real Ilford fossils and mammoth drawing workshops using hand prints with the Natural History Museum inside the Ilford Exchange shopping mall, Photographic displays and gravel and rock samples with Essex Field Club and the Geologists' Association and live entertainment performances from 12:00 - 18:00.

Live performances included;  Si Genero who appeared on the BBC's "The Voice " programme last year - he wrote a mammoth rap and the comical singer was a big hit locally, Dance Express provided a Lyrical and Jazz performance, Bobby bubbles provided an Olympic bubble display, Latasha Sinclair led crowd participation dances such as the the Macarena, Wapum Gangnum stlye and Jai ho, she also stunned visitors with crazy Acro dancing, Pioneer Dance provided modern street dancing, Amit Dance Studios displayed contemorary Bollywood moves, Bobby Zindiz sang Bollywood and Shin Cobra provided live Punjabi music to name but a few...

Sunday's Event was opened by the Deputy Mayor of Ilford, Linda Hugget who gave a short description of the Ilford Mammoth's historical discovery.  She stayed at the event and met with local people in her official capacity.

The Geologists Association sold miniature Essex Mammoths for £2 a piece and contributed all the sales towards the East Ilford Betterment Partnership project to install a replica mammoth skull in Ilford town centre.  They raised a total of £59.

Local Face-painter Aliyah Shoaib raised £65 through a face-painting stall and local children  form SS Peter's and Paul's underwent an ice-bucket challenge that raised a whopping £121 pounds of donations.

Hannah Chowdhry (10 years) who organised the ice-bucket challenge and first thought of bringing the mammoth skull replica to ilford, said;

"It was a cold experience but worth the effort, as it makes our mammoth installation project more attainable."

Gerald Lucy Chairman of the Geological association said;

"I enjoyed the day today.  I was particularly pleased that the Deputy Mayor took such an interest in the work we were doing - she spent quite a time chatting with us at the stand.
I hope the whole event raised a reasonable amount of money to help towards the goal.  Well done to all who organised it."

Wilson Chowdhry Event Organiser said;

"The event was huge, no actually it was 'mammoth' we did Monty (name of endearment given to Ilford Mammoth) proud and we hope that local people are no more aware of our pre-history eminence.  Along with mammoth remains, bones of giant deer, elephants and lions were found locally giving a picture of great diversity and helping significantly to map prehistoric Britain."

He added;  "Having so many natural and earth science groups join us enabled us to drive home the importance of local finds, and inculcate science concepts amongst lay people.  We hope this will inspire some of the great scientists of the future."

The EIBP has initiated a campaign to raise funds for the Ilford Mammoth replica to be installed in our town centre.  You can still donate through Local Giving by (clicking here).

It is hoped that local schools will join the campaign, as the heritage installation will inspire  an interest in Earth sciences and instil local pride amongst future generations.    Schools can expect an email in the following weeks.

Fairlop Heritage Society stall with local history jigsaw.

Bobby Bubbles gave bubble display similar to one he performed at the 2012 Olympics.

Latasha Sinclair performed Acro-dancing

EIBP artist Madhumita prepared £D maps of Ice Age and Savannah Ilford

Zoe Hughes from the Natural History Museum spoke of the local mammoth

Children were able to see and feel a mammoth tooth.

Professor Adrian Lister Senior Palaeontologist at the Natural History Museum spoke about Ilford's famous history. 

Jazzercise gave an aerobic performance to be remembered.

Terry Quirke of the Ilford Mammoth project helped children make Mammoth toys.

Redbridge Museum led a Mammoth mask making workshop.

Deputy Mayor Linda Hugget opened the Sunday event describing the excavations that took place in Ilford.

Peter Allen of the Essex Field club the group that Sir Antonio Brady belonged to described the local finds. he was joined by Diane Clements of the Geologists Association who was selling miniature mammoths to raise funds for the installation.

Ben Buckland came to show solidarity with Britain and played the Scottish National anthem followed by "God save the Queen" and other traditional numbers.

Dav Singh Luv Asia radio presenter and Punjabi singer gave a Punjabi live singing performance.

Bobby Bubbles impressed with his bubbles!

A young lad met a Scottish hero.

Latasha Sinclair showed of her prowess.

Her death defying moths mesmerised the crowds.

Pioneer Dance showed off their street dance moves.

Crazy street moves gathered a large crowd.

Si Genaro a comic singer who performed on BBC 1's "the Voice last year performed a Mammoth rap written for our event.

Children showed of the Mammoths they made with Terry Quirke.

Peter Allen from the Essex Field Club

One of the many face-painted children.

Amit Dance Studios thrilled crowds with contemporary Bollywood dance.

The Natural History Museum displayed ancient bones discovered locally.

Our Street art workshops produced wonderful creations.

Street cleaners allowed the artwork to remain overnight.

Gerald Lucy from the Geologists' Association donates £59 towards mammoth installation.  Money raised through selling miniature Essex Mammoths.

Bobby Zindix sings live Bollywood songs.

hundreds cram into the town centre to here Bobby Zindix.

People dance to a Punjabi Music set.

Latasha Sinclair and Cousin Libby sing

Crowd Participation dances were a real treat.

Large bones were on display in the Ilford Exchange.  They were excavated from the local area.

Children made two 3D Maps of ancient Ilford.

Latasha and Libby were a huge hit.