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One Mammoth Steppe closer to replica!

One Mammoth Steppe closer to replica!

Tanisha Ngeze, Hannah Chowdhry and Tatyana NGeze at The Natural History Museum with Professor Adrian Lister Senior Palaeontologist, during a private tour of Ilford Remians in 2012.

An Ilford Group who have been focusing their efforts to restoring our local history are one mammoth step closer to achieving their goal. The East Ilford Betterment Partnership (EIBP) has been running a 2 year campaign to restore a 'lost heritage,'  and intend to install a replica of the famous Ilford Mammoth to our town centre.  This week they were informed by the Geologists association that their grant application of £2000  towards a protective case was accepted.  Moreover, a further £500 donation form Terry Quirke of the Ilford Mammoth project, means that they only need to raise a further £8500 to "Bring Monty Home."   The EIBP has written to the headteachers of all local schools and is hoping that children and young people will help make the installation a reality, through sponsored events.  They have also initiated a local giving appeal, which means that any £10 donated via the Crown funding website form now until January will be doubled, up to a maximum of £60.  You can donate via this route by (clicking here)

The Ilford Mammoth discovered in 1864 by Sir Antonio Brady, was the only complete Mammoth skull to be found in the UK. However in  January 2004 another skull was uncovered in Wiltshire.  The Ilford specimen is currently displayed in the main foyer of the Natural History Museum and is one of their most prized assets.  The skull is an internationally recognised gem within the palaeontological sphere.

After securing a Department of Business Innovation and Skills Grant early this year, the EIBP has been running a series  of art/science workshops focusing on the Ilford Mammoth, attended by children, young people and young offenders.  The results of this work have been displayed in Redbridge Central library and along the railings of local parks.   They also held a two day spectacular in Ilford Town Centre and were joined by groups such as; the Natural History Museum, Geologists Association, Ilford Mammoth Project, Fairlop Heritage Group and Ilford Historical Society.

The application also paid for the installation and planning application for a replica Mammoth skull.  Later it was revealed that the replica would not be weatherproof, and the group is currently raising funds towards a glass case to protect the installation.  The cost of the case is around £11,000 and will ensure the replica is safe from vandalism and nature.  

Wilson Chowdhry Project Manager for the installation said:  

"The replica we intend to install will have been created from the original mammoth skull.  We believe this will infuse the copy with some of the original essence of Monty, are given name for the mammoth discovered locally.  This allows him to rest in peace, at the location of his birth, life and death.  Most importantly however, the replica will restore our lost heritage and inspire local people to learn about their enviable pre-history.  We hope this will inspire future generations to take more of an interest in earth sciences and could lead to a raft of pre-eminent scientists emanating from our borough.

Trip advisor in 2012 reported that Ilford was the fastet growing tourist spot in europe.  The EIBP believe that this installation will increase local tourism and boost the Ilford economy.

A planning Application has been submitted  to Redbridge Council and the EIBP would like you views on whether an installation of this type is needed locally.  Please email info@eastilfordbetterment partnership.org