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Regular Community festival is on the cards after positive negotiation with Redbridge Council

Regular Community festival is on the cards after positive negotiation with Redbridge Council

Redbridge Museum Stall at our 2015 Ilford Mammoth Event

Concerned about the singularly commercial aspect of the regular markets in Ilford, Wilson Chowdhry Chairman of the EIBP challenged for a new series of monthly events that will include a free bouncy castle and artworkshops at weekends and some free live performances, in our attempt to make the town centre a more lively and exciting place for visitors and residents.

Permission has thus far been granted for two consecutive events from:
23rd - 28th April 2018
21st - 28th May 2018

Further monthly dates have also been pencilled in and will hopefully be ratified in the coming weeks following the success of our initial events.

We are hosting an event for St George's day. The day will include live performances by performers giving up their time to engage with the community; creating an atmosphere of joy around a long lost traditional celebration, that will allow young people to learn about the story of St George and how it impacted on past generations.

These events will encourage the community to interact with each other, developing a stronger and more supportive society. There will be a variety of professional commercial stalls helping to raise money to fund these events that will enhance the local economy without being to onerous as we will restrict stalls to one of a kind and limit the number to 15 per day.

Besides commercial stalls we will also have a number of community and charity stalls, that will provide access to free services that enhance the quality of life for local people and increase the number of referrals to charities targeting those in need. This is the most important part of our event which we hope will expand as community groups and charities learn about our event and assess the value of reaching out in this fashion based on our expected success.

Whatever happens, the performances and stalls will liven up the town centre and fullfill people with a sense of community spirit. We hope in future years to establish one of the most vibrant boroughs in London which may bring us closer to eventually winning the title of Borough of Culture under the Mayor of London Programe.

If you are a commercial stall, Community group, Charity or performance group wishing to participate in our events for April and May, please get in contact by emailing info@eastilfordbettermentpartnership.org or telephone Wilson Chowdhry on 02085140861.

Wilson Chowdhry, Chairman of the East Ilford Betterment Partnership, said:

"The disappointment that was felt by the failure to hold an Easter Parade in Ilford Town Centre this year was a reminder to me that our comunity has to challenge our Council authority, to ensure community is represented in all the decisions for our local area - especially local events.

"Financial obligations and political pressures mean that borough events focus on how much money they can raise, more so then how much benefit they bring to local people - a process that destroys our sense of society as avarice trumps love for one another.

"We hope our events bring back a sense of community, help restore pride in our local community and provide clear pathways for help for those that so desperately need it. London over the last two months has for the first time in recorded history overtaken New York for murder rates and Redbridge has contributed to this awful social malaise.
"Moreover links with ilford to the the London Bridge terrorist attack highlights the need to fight intolerance and unite our diverse communities.

"It may seem a bit far-fetched but EIBP believes that community cohesion events that promote commonly shared interests and cultural diversity on a platform of fun can break down the barriers that divide us. Happiness is infectious and we intend to spread this as widely as we can."

A party on the streets for our Ilford mammoth event.