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The Art and Science of Reading Rocks

The Art and Science of Reading Rocks

Geofun are holding a free interactive stall at our forthcoming Mammoth Steppes Festival.  

Roll up & Rock up to our Geo-FUN mini museum and take part in our own extraordinary blend of art & science activities.  Discover how the Earth works and understand why we need to look after its precious resources... EVERYBODY WELCOME!

Become a Boulder Detective and earn your BhD by exploring our fascinating collection of unusual rocks from around the world.  Uncover mind-blowing stories billions of years old which are literally right on your doorstep.

Get creative by taking part in one of our many hands-on activities which include making sand collages, decorating fossil sculptures, constructing volcanoes, designing eco-friendly flags and gold-panning.

Geo-FUN: The Art & Science of Reading Rocks is a geological entertainment run by enthusiastic and creative Earth Science teachers, Sophy Crosby FGS and Dr Roy Gill.

Through a fusion of art & science, their aim is to inspire people of all ages by providing exciting and stimulating activities. They try to encourage an understanding of how the Earth works and to promote awareness that everyone can play a thoughtful role in the management and sustainability of the Earth’s precious resources.

Throughout the year, Geo-FUN runs workshops for schools, libraries, care homes and a variety of community/interest groups, facilitates after-school rock clubs, runs lunchtime sessions for office workers and organizes geo-walks.

Further information can be found at:  www.geo-fun.co.uk