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Three out of four suspects of 'serious crime' arrested

Three out of four suspects of 'serious crime' arrested

Safer times when troops were protecting the Ilford Army Reserves Centre (click here)

We informed you of two young males who were seen escaping the confines of the Ilford Army Reserves Centre on Saturday 28th April last week (click here).

Since then despite no call back from the police to my wife and a local Pastor who called the police about the crime - we have discovered that three of the four men involved in the crime have been arrested and a fourth is on the run.

Warrant Officer 1st Class Desmond Nicholson, met with Wilson Chowdhry on 2nd May 2018 and has confirmed that staff on site are aware of the use of their site as a getaway. He informed Wilson of the arrests of the culprits and has said that security measures will be tightened.

All the men were involved in a more serious crime, which we have no knowledge of at this time. A further email has been sent to Mayfield and Clementswood Police calling for reassurance to residents of Gordon Road, many of whom also saw the crime as it happened.