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Trespassing youth almost killed by strangulation when caught in military base barbed wire

Trespassing youth almost killed by strangulation when caught in military base barbed wire

Image: Safer times when troops were protecting the Ilford Army Reserves Centre (click here)

Re: ATC escape route may have been used to flee more serious crime!

Two young Asian men were seen running out of the Army Training Centre on Gordon Road at around 11:30am on Saturday 28th April. The men were noticed by two local people including Wilson Chowdhry's wife Juliet.

The police were called and they reached the site 20 minutes after the incident by which time the culprits had escaped. However, despite threats made to them, Juliet and a local Pastor had managed to get a licence plate for the escape vehicle which was MJ06FNV

Although we cannot be sure what the young men were doing we know they were trespassing due to the nature of their exit, which almost led to a young man being strangled on the barbed wire at the top of some palisade fencing - till a cohort exited the vehicle and helped him.

We have been made aware by police that the men may have been caught up in a police chase in relation to a serious crime involving some Asian men in the nearby vicinity, which occurred around that time. Traversing the TA centre may simply have been a getaway route.

The men have threatened Wilson's wife and let her know they had her address but we have reported the crime to police nevertheless. Please keep a lookout for this vehicle.

In February 2018, 12 burglaries were reported in Mayfield Ward and 8 'Theft from a vehicle'. There were also 10 cases of harassment.

Wilson Chowdhry, said:

"The average reported crime per 1000 households in Redbridge is 6, 1 less than the 7 per thousand recorded across London, whereas Mayfield Ward only has 4 per household. Though we rate quite well in comparison to other wards We must be more vigilant.

"Our local police can only improve our communities if we report crimes. Despite our fears we must continue to share intelligence so that appropriate policing priorities are set for our respective areas."

There is a Neighbourhood Watch Coordinator for Mayfield Ward and I can put residents in touch if they would like to join.

The group has an established What's app group that keeps local people aware of crime issues in their area."

For more details on how to join please contact us using the details in our header.

Both Mayfield and Clementswood Ward Police have been notified of the crime due to clouded understandings of new jurisdictions.