Brand new nursery for children aged 0-5 with a specialist under 2 unit.

Our ethos is to create a home away from home environment where small children are stimulated and nurtured to an extremely high standard. All children are individuals and at little cubs day nursery we ensure that children's individuality is catered for in everything we do.

All children will be encouraged to participate in a wide range of activities which help to promote individuality, independence and creativity. All children participate in daily outdoor activities which encourages a sense of community and wellbeing. Little cubs offers all children the chance to participate in weekly cooking sessions which encourage healthy eating habits. All older children are offered the chance to participate in language classes on a weekly basis and Makaton is taught through daily interactions. Makaton is a kind of sign language that is taught to young children enabling them to communicate and express their feelings and needs before they are able to do through speech. Children over two will also have the opportunity to participate in weekly dance classes. Children under two years old will be encouraged to develop their physical skills through fun activities.

Children are encouraged to participate in daily routines such as circle time and older children are encouraged to participate in planning through child initiated play and providing opportunities for children to choose weekly activities using visual props, fostering a sense of importance.

Regular observations and assessment are carried out to ensure that the nursery are meeting your child's needs and at two years old children have a comprehensive assessment of their developmental stage which carried out in line with parental contributions this will help identify strengths and weaknesses allowing our staff to help prepare children for the transition from nursery to school.

Each child will have an individual learning journey which is regularly updated with observations, assessments, photographs and topical work. Parents are encouraged to add anything they feel is relevant to their child's learning journey. Parents are encouraged to communicate with staff regularly and staff will be available during drop off and pick up times.

Written daily reports on each child will be given to parents at the end of each day. These reports will contain vital information such as what the child has eaten, sleep times and any toileting or nappy changes. Daily record sheets will also include play opportunities, activities and outings your child has participated in and a short observation.

Children are provided with 3 meals a day and a morning and afternoon snack. Fresh water is readily available throughout the day. All food is freshly prepared from wholesome ingredients and all dietary requirements are catered for. Allowing parents piece of mind, knowing that children are cared for as they are at home in every aspect.