London week of peace to be celebrated in Ilford Town Centre

Image of our royal wedding feast prepared for residents of the borough in June.

The London week of peace returns this year and will be held from the 20th – 27th of September and the EIBP is dedicating our regular community fayre to promoting the ideals of peace hope and unity.

Our Fayre is from the 24th – 29th September and we really hope that many of you will come and join us for our regular markets and a larger number of community stalls then ever before.  I take this time to remind all charities and community groups that we do not charge for a pitch. For those of you joining our regular newsletter for the first time I can advise you that all you need to do to book is email: or call 020 8514 0861 and we will provide you with an application pack.

Things planned for our regular community event include a friendship centre run by several local churches, a stall from Egangs who tackle gang affiliation in the borough and some artworkshops for children on Saturday 29th September.  There will also be a few live performances on the Saturday from several local groups. The council have not permitted the bouncy castle for this event however, we intend to have a number of games in the high street, including a giant connect 4.  Please do come our and join us for a week of fun, learning and much more…

This year we have been helping REdbridge Mayor with her charity appeal event which occurred in Wanstead at Christchurch Green and several of the stalls for the event were booked through our group.  We also  helped with the organising with volunteers helping set up the Gazebo’s and our team being responsible for much of the media campaign ensuring that the event was advertised in all three local papers.

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