Redbrdge Community Fayre – rain stops play

Amidst torrential rains for the first few days Redbridge Community Fayre continued with a presence despite the empty town centre. On Saturday Community stalls arrived with Redbridge Vision to create a wonderful weekend ambience for local revelleres taking advantage of the windy cool but dry weather.

Throughout the week commercial stalls braved the difficult environment as they continued despite the chill rain which turned Ilford into a ghost town. If anything the brave ardent effort of the stalls ensured that there was a footfall where there should have been none.

Over the saturday Redbridge Vision joined Redbridge Community Fayre and introduced some scaffold cube swings with virtual reality goggles and eight different experiences, in what was the first tech fest of it’s type in the town centre.  While this was on East Ilford Betterment Partnership also ran a knife crime art competition with young children and Social Action for Health undertook health survey of Pakistani and Bangladeshi origin people to improve NHS services of the future.

All in all the Saturday was a real success and the town centre was heaving.  Sadly on the Sunday the morning was met with heavy rain and though later the sun came out the wind was too blustery for the paper based art competition and health checks.

Wilson Chowdhry, Chairman of the East Ilford Betterment Partnership, said:

“Our Community fayre is growing in popularity and many more charities and community groups are desiring to join us.

“Though rain limited some of the community participation over the week overall the event was a real success and those involved found the experience rewarding and fruitful.

“Our next event will include a giant Connect 4, artworkshops and a return of the Redbridge Friendship Centre – so please do try and join us.

We are returning with the Community Fayre from the 24th – 30th June and have a whole new set of surprises for you all.

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