Royal wedding event provides counselling to broken people and food to the homeless

East Ilford Betterment partnership collaborated with British Pakistani Christian Association and Ilford High Road Baptist Church, to organise a Royal wedding event to inspire the diverse communities in Redbridge and create some community cohesion.

During our event we held a royal wedding meal on the first date which was held on the Monday after the wedding, then throughout the week we held a friendship centre where people came to shere some tea, coffee, cake and conversation. From the Saturday through to Bank Holiday Monday the event contained a bouncy castle, hennah painting and art workshops for the numerous children starting off on their half-term holidays.

Hennah painting
On Sunday through to bank holiday Monday with the help of Dr Hudson an accomplished biochemist who is responsible for the doscovery of 8 compounds helped with organising a free chemistry event during which local children learnt how to make slime of varying colours.

The event became very rewarding as many people with emotional issues came to meet with the High Road Baptist Church counsellors every day. We have been informed that some of those who were counselled have been in touch with the church for follow-up.

The friendship centre

Over 150 people left their emails with the EIBP or High Road Baptist Church in their desire to be informed about future events.

During the event BPCA ran a free artworkshop from which royal wedding themed images will be displayed in Redbridge Central Library. A Royal wedding card was also signed by hunderds of local people which will be sent to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

We hope our monthly town centre events with their strong presence of Christians – especially with other Christian groups and Churches set to join at future events – will become a beacon of hope to local people. Our challenge is to convert conversations to reactions that result in people trying out churches and by doing so allow us to essentially bring the Gospel to new members of God’s family.

Please keep praying for the success of our events.


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