Royal wedding party in Ilford town centre

Image of EIBP Queens Jubilee event in 2012

To celebrate the Royal wedding between Prince Harry Windsor and Meghan Markle people of Redbridge will be treated to a week-long celebration in Ilford Town Centre.

From 21st – 28th May a big lunch will be set for people to come and go as they please. Tea, coffee, sandwiches and cakes will be on offer and people will have an opportunity to come and rest their feet from their shopping or other travel through the town centre. Music from British artists will provide a somewhat soothing backdrop as local people get an opportunity to share their thoughts about the royal wedding or other matters of importance to them with others.

The event is designed to stimulate community cohesion and promote modern British culture which is pluralistic and inclusive. Primarily however the event is a chance to celebrate a royal wedding which symbolizes the nations long history and heritage and reminds us of the importance oif the Royal Family.

The British monarch is commander-in-chief of the British Armed Forces and the ultimate formal executive authority over the government of the United Kingdom is still by and through the monarch’s royal prerogative. Moreover, despite a decline in popularity for the Royal family in the 1990’s more recent polls show that around 70% of the population favour having a monarchy and believe that the royal establishment will be long-lasting (click here).

The 8 day event will include a commercial market and each stall will be adorned with bunting and Union Jacks and images of the royal couple. Furthermore from Saturday through to Bank Holiday Monday the event will include a bouncy castle, face-painting, games and art-workshops. A live concert will be held on Bank Holiday Monday in addition to the other activities.

Wilson Chowdhry, Chairman of the East Ilford Betterment Partnership, said:

“We could not leave Redbridge as a borough bereft of a celebration for the Royal wedding could we?

“As a group historically we have led the largest celebration for the Queens Jubilee in our town centre in 2012, and also installed the only plaque with Her Majesty’s Jubilee logo at the site of the famed excavation of the Ilford Mammoth on the wall of Ilford Methodist Church, Ilford Lane.

“The majority of people in our borough are excited by news of the royal wedding and we wanted to capture the essence of the passion people have for Britain during these times and use it to build stronger communities.

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