EIBP helps Redbridge Mayor with Charity event

Chairman of the East Ilford Betterment Partnership Wilson Chowdhry, has been recruited to help the planning committe for the Redbridge Mayor’s many charity events this year.   Mayor Debbie Kaur-Thiara initially asked Mr Chowdhry just to help with her outdoor event on Saturday 15th September at Christchurch Green in Wanstead, but was so pleased with his input he was immediately drafted into the planning committee.

Some of the help we gave for the event included providing an emergency plan, securing commercial stalls and helping set-up the event on the day.

We are looking forward to developing our role with the planning committe and hope with a little more time we are able to enlarge future events. Using the raft of contacts and the experience we have through our near 15 years of service to our community.

The wanstead event was a huge success and as a first ever event for Mayor Debbie.  Over 20 stalls were present, a bungee trampoline, a performance stage, face-painting and much more.

ELHAP a group which helps disadvantaged and disabled children has been selected as the Mayors Charity this year and we hope to help raise as much money as we can for the group.  Through our efforts we have already raised £290 for ELHAP which we have sent to the Mayor of Redbridge.

Wilson Chowdhry, Chairman of the East Ilford Betterment Partnership, said:

“This event was important for our borough, it was being led by the elected Mayor our most senior representative.

“Providing what little help we could was a privilege and we hope that over time our role will develop and provide some real benefit to this and future Mayor’s of our borough.

“In an ideal world communities would come together to prepare such events but our modern society has lost some of that togetherness as we have become less reliant on one another.”

He added:

“Events like this do not only support local charities but provide a chance to return the vaunted community cohesion that groups like the EIBP long for.

“With this in mind you can guarantee we will remain willing to assist for as long as we exist as an entity.”

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