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Essex Youth Councillor pleads with UK authorities to do more to eradicate teen knife crime

Hannah Chowdhry BCyA (behind pole), speaking at a Redbridge Faith Forum vigil at the Redbridge Peace Monument in 2018 Please sign our petition (click here) or help raise funds for a non-alcholic bar for teenagers in Ilford (here) Support Hannah Chowdhry’s teen non-alcoholic bar project by donating (here) mark donations Teen Bar. We now projects like […]

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Christchurch mosque attack stuns New Zealand – London Peace vigil organised for 6.30pm tonight!

Terror on the Streets of New Zealand – crazed Australian zealot guns down innocent muslims in atrocious attack on Christchurch mosques CHRISTCHURCH: A quiet, innocuous day in the leafy streets of the usually serene city of Christchurch New Zealand, had its tranquility irrevocably shattered by the actions of a crazed gunman, motivated by anti-muslim sentiment. […]

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E19 for Ilford

East Ilford Betterment Partnership is fighting to get Ilford a London postcode. Life-long resident Wilson Chowdhry first launched our campaign to change Ilford’s IG1 postcode to E19 in 2005, explaining that a change would make Ilford more attractive to investors and would help aspiring business gain contracts from inner London. After TV presenter Dan Wooding […]

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Range Rover falls apart within first three years of purchase

A local Chigwell business man is warning drivers not to buy modern Range Rovers after the high-end vehicle he purchased has started to fall to pieces, he said. Wilson Chowdhry is the owner of a 2016-plate Range Rover Evogue which is falling to pieces before him and regular trips to Woodford-based Grange Motors Dealership who […]

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EIBP helps Redbridge Mayor with Charity event

Chairman of the East Ilford Betterment Partnership Wilson Chowdhry, has been recruited to help the planning committe for the Redbridge Mayor’s many charity events this year.   Mayor Debbie Kaur-Thiara initially asked Mr Chowdhry just to help with her outdoor event on Saturday 15th September at Christchurch Green in Wanstead, but was so pleased with his input […]

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London week of peace to be celebrated in Ilford Town Centre

Image of our royal wedding feast prepared for residents of the borough in June. The London week of peace returns this year and will be held from the 20th – 27th of September and the EIBP is dedicating our regular community fayre to promoting the ideals of peace hope and unity. Our Fayre is from […]

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Ilford Group helps Hackney square come together.

East Ilford Betterment Partnership was asked to help with a small community event in another area of London. The event was held at Dalston on Gillett Square on the 25th and 26th August 2018. The Square has long been known for its trouble with violence and drugs and having seen some of our earlier work […]

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No knives better lives!

After a rise in teen violence in the London Borough of Redbridge, a Green Lane based group held a vigil in honour of victims of violent crime in hope of sending a strong message of unity and solidarity amongst local youth. The East Ilford Betterment Partnership a constituted community group made up of local residents […]

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We brought Monty the Mammoth home

EIBP were gifted a £50,000 replica of the famous Ilford Mammoth found on Ilford Lane 150 years ago via the Natural History Museum. We believe our borough should celebrate our enviable pre-history and thus have loaned the skull for free to Redbridge Museum where it is currently being displayed on their mezzanine floor (viewable via […]

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Youths concerned about growing street violence to hold peace vigil at Redbridge Peace Monument

Dozens of teenagers have committed themselves to spend time in Ilford Town Centre engaging with children and teenagers during the first week of the summer holidays, in their attempts to promote peace, love and unity in Redbridge. Over the last few months Redbridge Council has agreed a monthly schedule of community events with East Ilford […]

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